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     Welcome to Eric Linde’s Sportfishing, where state-of-the-art equipment, over 20 years of experience and a true passion for the outdoors come together to provide fun, memorable, and successful sportfishing trips for Salmon, Sturgeon and Steelhead.
     We provide world class trips for Summer Steelhead, Winter Steelhead, Spring Chinook, Fall Chinook, Winter Chinook, Sturgeon and Shad. My job is to provide to you a top notch fishing experience, assist in your catching of fish, and helping to make you a better angler.
When you book a trip with Eric Linde's Fishing Guide Service you can have the confidence of knowing that you will have a great experience, a fun day on the water and perhaps the best possible chance of catching fish with Columbia River fishing guide, Eric Linde.

Eric Linde will be holding fishing seminars at the February Pacific Northwest Sportsmen's show in Portland. He'll be covering "how to fish", "fishing tips & tricks" and "special bait and lure presentation methods and fishing tactics" for such popular areas and fisheries as "Columbia River Spring Chinook" Buoy 10 Salmon and Spring Chinook Salmon fishing.

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The Columbia River Fishing Forecast
NOTE: This is last year's fishing report. Eric has been too busy fishing to update but requests
that you call or email him for current and upcoming fishing reports and conditions.

     The 2013 Columbia River Season is shaping up to be a good one. The pre-season predictions are coming in and it looks to be as great as last year, if not better! While exact seasons have not been set as of this report, most stock status reports are in and look good.

Sturgeon Fishing
Columbia River and Willamette River fishing will be good again this year. The changing areas and some techniques will be the key to catching these magnificent fish. In February and March the areas to target will be the Columbia River above Bonneville Dam and the Willamette River near ......

Spring Chinook Salmon Fishing
These hard fighting fish are considered the "finest eating Salmon anywhere." March, April and May are prime time for these fish. Bonneville Dam is slated for a run over 140,000 fish. The Willamette River will again get a whopping ........

A typical Columbia River Sturgeon (photo above) is one of thee strongest fish
you'll ever have the fun of fighting and many say it's their favorite tasting fish of all.

Summer Chinook & Steelhead Fishing
These Chinook are oversized springers and are called "June Hawgs". They are bigger, stronger and eat just as good. 91,000 Summer Chinook are .....

Fall Chinook and Silver Salmon Fishing
Largest of all the Chinook species. Fish over 40 pounds are not uncommon. You couple these with good Coho fishing and ......


Thanks to Yakima Bait for posting the above video with Columbia River fishing guide
Eric Linde
and Buzz Ramsey fishing for Spring Chinook Salmon.


     Eric Linde has dedicated most of his entire life to fishing. Many people first met Eric at a Portland, Oregon fishing tackle store and more have seen him on various TV fishing shows, F&H News magazines, at "How To" fishing seminars all over the Northwest.

     Eric is known as one of the best fishing guides on the Columbia River, as well as one of the friendliest and certainly the most well known, so during popular fishing times he fills his booking dates fast. So call early to make sure you have a good seat booked in the peak season.

     Ask anyone who regularly fishes popular Northwest Rivers in Oregon and Washington like the Columbia River, Lewis River, Cowlitz River, Willamette River, Buoy 10 Wind River & Drano Lake who they think is the best fishing guide around and many of them will tell you that Eric Linde of Linde's Fishing Guide Service is the best.

     Eric has fished these rivers all his life. Eric has a reputation for using the freshest bait, the latest in fishing tackle and the absolutely very best fishing lures. Eric has known many of the original guides who spent their lives fishing these waters.

     A nice Spring Chinook Salmon (photo on right) that Buzz Ramsey caught with his good friend and fishing guide Eric Linde, fishing the Columbia River near I-5. On this particular fishing trip, Mitch Dreisback also hooked another nice Salmon only to lose it to a sea lion. Both fish were caught on a Chartreuse Fish Flash and plug cut herring combination trolling downstream.

Catching Fish Now!
***It's not too late***

Some Seats Still Available
Columbia River / Grays Harbor
In the 1982 movie On Golden Pond they were fishing for Walter, a large Trout. In this bigger pond we are fishing for Fall Chinook! Don't Miss Out!

Let us plan your company fishing derby in 2014. 
Great networking for clients and staff. 
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Our seasons book and fill quickly, so contact me as soon as possible to get the best dates available for your next Ultimate Fishing experience.

     Eric Linde has patiently spent hours and hours talking with other fishing guides & experts, fishing with them and calling them to see what works the best. Now he is the Ultimate fishing guide for the most popular rivers and waters in the Northwest. Popular magazines have contacted him for how-to articles and tips for fishing the Northwest because his knowledge of these waters is second to none. Eric has spent his life learning why fish do and don't bite and now he teaches what he's learned at fishing exhibitions all over the Northwest and to the clients who are fortunate enough to fish with him.
     The best eggs and lures, secrets passed along from previous generations, custom fishing scents and knowledge of conditions all have come to convince Eric that this is really just NEVER a time when fish won't bite. Some days it takes longer to figure them out but the right bait, scent and presentation will make fish strike and on places like the Willamette River Eric will pull up next to other boats who are getting skunked and try a few different methods & tricks and suddenly will pull 2 or more fish out the hole and move on.




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